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Birds Movements 3D

Rare Effect challenges and explores the relationship between physical and digital space, creating a bridge to the metaverse. in vol. 3 , the festival will feature more than 90 national and international artists, including interactive installations and performances, with virtual reality, augmented reality, light installations and sculptures. The program also features 10 days of music, with recognized artists, panels on cryptographic art, Web3 and cryptocurrencies.

>>This image addresses the migration of birds due to climate disorder
illustrated by the warm and cool colors: red and blue
*still video image to be viewed with 3D glasses
“assemblage” image using digital techniques with analogical process

Images by @rareeffects @arrozestudios and by me :)

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 14.16_edited.jpg
3D NFT Rare effect: Serviços
3D NFT Rare effect: Pro Gallery
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